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Demonaz - March Of The Norse (2011)

Demonaz - March Of The Norse 2011

Northern Hymn
All Blackened Sky
March Of The Norse
A Son Of The Sword
Where Gods Once Rode
Under The Great Fires
Over The Mountains
Ode To Battle
Legends Of Fire And Ice
Dying Sun (Extra Track)

Demonaz (Harald Nævdal) - Lyrics, Vocals
Ice Dale (Arve Isdal) - Guitars & Bass
Armagedda (Gerhard Herfindal) - Drums

Music and lyrics by Demonaz
Recorded in Grieghallen and Conclave & Earshot Studios
Produced by Ice Dale and Herbrand Larsen
Additional mixing by Kristian Tvedt
Mastered at Strype Audio by Tom Kvålsvoll
Artwork by Pär Olofsson
Artists & Repertoir (A&R) by Jaap Wagemaker
Photos by Peter Beste
Released 1 April 2011 (EU), 17 May 2011 (US)

© 2011 Nuclear Blast Records

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