Immortal Throne of Blashyrkh: Russian Tribute to Norwegian Black Metal band Immortal


Interview with Demonaz from "Nordic Vision" magazine (# 03, spring 1995)

This band must surely be one of the most popular and best of the classy Norwegian bands. Having released their third bonecrushing masterpiece on Osmose Productions, they have surely secured their position among the elite. Our questions were answered by Demonaz in February (1995).


Are you pleased with the work Osmose Productions are doing for you?

Yes, we are satisfied with the work especially since we have the highest priority on the label... Our new deal is far better than the first one we had so things are a lot better now that we can get more or less of what we wanted... Hervé also have a good distribution by now...

Does Osmose Productions prioritize Immortal as much as they should?

Yes definitely, we get the best priority as I already told you!

For how many albums are you singed to Osmose Productions?

We have done 2 albums on the first contract and we signed for 2 more. "Battles In The North" is the first album on the new contract.

You seem to enjoy touring. Does this give you any profit?

We earn of course money for touring and in the future we'll get better and better paid, we learned a lot by the two first tours we made... A lot of booking agencies are interested to bring us on tour with good conditions because they have seen our earlier work.

Will there be a tour concerning "Battles In The North"?

I believe we will go on tour again promoting "Battles In The North", we have already got lots of offers, but first we have to rehearse our set with a new drummer and then we'll see.

Can you describe "Battles In The North"?

It's our best album so far... It has 10 tracks, which are really intense, and the production is really what we were looking for... It's really frostbitten... The concept is still based on the demonrealms of Nebulah's kingdom on earth BLASHYRKH...

You seem to be searching for a new drummer. Have you found one?

We are working on it. Hellhammer will be doing the drums for us at least on our next release... As for live, we'll see.

In what direction is Immortal developing?

It depends on what you mean. Musically we are taking things to the extreme levels that we have always searched for... Concerning selling and so we don't care so much now. The music and bandconsistence are most important. We never write music for commercial reasons of course!

What do Abbath and Demonaz do besides Immortal?

We do the band as a full time job.

Is Bergen/Hordaland the ultimate place for you?

Yes, definitely.

When can we expect Immortal's fourth album? What can we expect?

A mini-LP is to be recorded in 2-3 months. I guess you have to wait until it's released to get an idea about the newer stuff.

Do you think it is important to distance yourselves from the audience?

Of course it's important to distance ourselves from the audience! We are elite...

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