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Interview with Abbath from "" E'zine (2006)

I was dreaming of this interview for along time and finally my dream came true. In occasions like this, when you get so close to the target, it's like more often that the goddess of jinx makes her appearance. This time the line falls, comunication becomes difficult due to terrible sound, the tape recorder is breaking down in the middle of the conversation... Murphy's law in practice today. Nevertheless nothing seems to be strong enough to keep from contacting with one of the most important and recognizable personalities of the Black Metal genre, Abbath, the mighty leader of the legendary Immortal and the newly formed I.


Before we discuss about your side project, I, please tell me when you made your decision to reunite Immortal.

That was about six months ago or something. I and Demonaz decided together to reunite Immortal and do a band video, which we never did before.

I bet Demonaz is occupied with the songwriting and the management, right?

Well, we have a different manager, but yes... Demonaz is writing the lyrics.

Who else plays in the band?

We have Apollyon from Aura Noira on bass and Horgh on the drums.

Now let's go to I. What exactly do you mean by I?

It means...(laughs)...difficult question. This is something Demonaz came up with. I is about "me", you know... it's also a link for Immortal, so it is suitable for us. You can tell it symbolizes balance. If you think about it, it's like a column.

I hit the stage in the Hole In The Sky Festival this Summer. Next year Immortal will headline both Wacken and Inferno Festival. In the past you hated leaving Bergen. How do you feel about touring now?

Have I said I hate living in Bergen? I don't like living in the city! I like the countryside, I love Bergen. Oh... leaving Bergen! I must have said that when I was traveling a lot.

"Between Two Worlds" is full of Black Metal songs in the vein of Immortal with with some Motörhead riffs and classic Heavy Metal solos. "Far Beyond The Quiet" though is totally a Bathory song. Why did you write this one in the first place?

"Far Beyond The Quiet" is dedicated to Quorthon. Demonaz wanted to write the lyrics in Bathory spirit and we worked on it in that kind of tributing.

For about two years and a half we had no news from you. What were you occupied with all this time?

I spent more time with my son, I did a lot of mountain walking, which by the way I like very much. It was a great opportunity to relax, live a regular life without stress.

2006 is the year of five very important album releases from five different living legends. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear your opinion about each one of them. To begin with Iron Maiden's "A Matter Of Life And Death".

Sounds good. Definitely better than "Dance Of Death". It is a very mature album.

Motörhead - "Kiss Of Death".

I've listened to it only once. I'm gonna have to listen to it again before I say something about it. Anyway I think "Inferno" was better. I can't find a classic structure in it, but like I said I have to listen to it again.

Celtic Frost - "Monotheist".

Beautiful! Four or five songs are really very good.

Sodom - "Sodom".

I haven't heard it. I'm sure it's perfect.

Slayer - "Christ Illusion".

I heard some songs yesterday... sounded like "Seasons In The Abyss". I have to listen the whole album a couple of times.

It was you Abbath together with a few others who started the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the early 1990s. After a while Black Metal became very popular worldwide. What do you recall more often from the early days?

(with a nostalgic mood) I remember the magic around that thing. It was a great era... everything was new. A new world was opening to us! I also recall the mystery! We were young and it was real cool times... of course before the killings.

Before we finish, tell me your all time favourite album.

It has to be only one?


"Blood Fire Death"

Oh my God... Quorthon again!


Just kidding! I love most of Bathory albums.

And "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark". Those two.

Author: Foteini Paschalidou (© 2006 "" E'zine, Greece)

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